2 Years of Cherry Tree Gentle Farewells!

Can you believe that Cherry Tree Gentle Farewells has been providing a caring and compassionate euthanasia service for our beloved pets for 2 years!

Nicola has sadly said goodbye, and helped around 900 pets pass peacefully over the rainbow bridge.


Gentle Farewells started primarily as a home euthanasia service run by Nicola our head vet, with a view to also offer this compassionate service in our bespoke homely clinic. In February 2022 the clinic was finally built after some delays! The clinic is such a lovely, calm and peaceful environment with rooms like lounges and a private garden. There is no clinical feel, and pets think they have just come to a holiday home or a friends house. This means that their stress is greatly reduced.

This service has been such great timing. Nicola provided home euthansia’s throughout the pandemic when the vets were unable to allow clients to say goodbye to their beloved pets in the vet practice. This has thankfully now changed and clients are able to be present in the practice.  We are finding however that vet practices are so short staffed that they are still unable to provide home visits and so often refer clients to Gentle Farewells.  We are incredibly grateful for this.

Whats new?

As Gentle Farewells continued to grow we took on a fantastic receptionist called Sandra Cherry who joined us in February 2022 when the clinic opened.  Her compassion and help has been invaluable to Gentle Farewells.

We are also taking on a new vet who will be starting next week! She will help us to continue to grow Cherry Tree Gentle Farewells and increase our availability.  More on her soon!

Thank you

We would like to thank every veterinary practice, client and friend who has recommended us, and continues to do so.  It is our passion to help our beloved pets pass away peacefully and as stress free as possible.