6 months of Cherry Tree Gentle Farewells!

Cherry Tree Gentle Farewells has already been running for 6 months! In this time I have helped nearly 200 pets pass peacefully over the rainbow bridge. A lot of my time has been spent talking to people about their pets’ disease and quality of life. I have also been helping them come to the decision of when the right time is to sadly say goodbye.

I get asked all the time how I can do this job, how it must be so hard to provide only euthanasia’s everyday, rather than other veterinary work.  The honest answer is that it is incredibly hard and emotionally exhausting. It is also however very rewarding knowing that I have helped beloved pets pass away so peacefully and pain free.

It is very important that I try to take time out for myself, to prevent burnout. For me, my love and passion (other than my husband and daughter!) is my two dogs! I love going on beautiful dog walks with them and training and competing at dog agility.

The thing that I have found the hardest (and always have as a vet), is seeing the heartbreak and pain that the owners experience with the loss of their pet. I do however get many messages, reviews, e-mails and gifts as a thank you for helping make the process a little easier. I appreciate the kind words as it confirms to me that Cherry Tree Gentle Farewells provides such an important, caring and compassionate service.