What are your options for your pets aftercare once they have passed away?

There are so many options available to you when your pet has sadly passed away which you may not be aware of. It can be incredibly over whelming to think about it at the time of your beloved companion passing. It is best to have a think and explore what options are available to you prior to their passing. This of course is not always possible if your pet dies suddenly, but is definitely worth a think about in preparation. Please do ask your veterinary practice what options are available to you. If in doubt contact Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium who will be happy to help you.


There are many memorial options.  The main ones include fur clippings, paw prints either an impression paw print in clay, or an ink paw print. Ink paw prints can be scanned for cards, pictures, engravings or a tattoo. The paw prints can be done by yourselves prior to your pets passing, but it can be tricky to do. Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium offers this once the pet has passed away.  This eases any potential stress to your pet, especially if they do not like their feet being touched!

What are the options once they have passed away?

There are a few options for you to choose

Home burial: You may bury your pet in the UK, but not in rented accommodation, public places, near a water source or an area that floods.  You must also check with your vet that the remains are not hazardous (i.e., if your pet had received chemotherapy or certain controlled drugs). You also must ensure that the the hole is dug at least 3 feet deep and that they cannot be dug back up by wildlife.

Cremation: The other main choice is to have your pet cremated at a pet crematorium.

The two options are either a communal cremation which is where your pet will be cremated with other pets, and you will not receive their ashes back. With an individual cremation your pets ashes will be returned to you.  If you have a communal cremation it is an idea to check with your vet or pet crematorium what happens with the ashes afterwards.  At Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium the ashes are scattered in the beautiful setting of Cherry Tree in front of the receptions rooms over looking the house and fields.

Here is a selection of the many casket options that Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium offers 

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Arun Caskets are a classic, yet contemporary casket and is the most popular pet ashes caskets.



Willow caskets are woven in eco-friendly natural willow. Willow Pet Ashes Caskets have drawstring linings in unbleached cotton calico and, being totally biodegradable, are suitable for scattering or burial of your pet’s ashes.


Petributes beautiful Scatter Tubes™ are suitable for scattering ashes, keeping as keep sakes, or keeping a memento or a lock of hair in.




Tribute frames are stylish and beautifully crafted solid wood photo frames.  They have a cleverly concealed pet ashes casket housed discreetly behind a photo of your beloved companion. Other different frames are available.



There are so many other options available including urns, sleeping cat casket, cast petributes, keepsake boxes, teddies with ashes in to cuddle and many more.

Memorial jewellery

See You Jewellery is a new idea designed by Rob Leurs in Holland. The jewellery has been designed so that the ashes actually form part of the design using a resin mixed with a small amount of ashes.

Cherry Tree is able to carry out this procedure on the same day. The resin comes in a choice of colours for example blue and red. Many more options can be found here:


Why choose Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium?

At Cherry Tree we are animal lovers ourselves and understand what our clients are going through. We offer a caring and considerate service in excellent facilities which guarantees individual cremations with a wide range of beautiful caskets.

Your beloved pet can be either collected from your Home or Veterinary practice. Alternatively, you may wish to bring your pet directly to Cherry Tree where you can say your farewells in the privacy of our tranquil reception rooms

If you would like to find our more information please call Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium on 01233 850929 or for our home euthanasia service call Cherry Tree Gentle Farewells on 01233 226440