Purpose built clinic at Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium 

Cherry Tree Gentle Farewells will look to revolutionise the entire experience, by ensuring a homely, private and peaceful setting for you to spend final moments with your pet. Each client will have the sole use of the consultation room, which is designed specifically for end of life care, rather than being a multipurpose, clinical space like that of a conventional surgery. The room benefits from comfortable seating, soft lighting, and views across open fields. Both consult rooms will have their very own private garden should owners wish to be outside with their pets on sunny days. This experience is focused specifically around the owners and their pets, as the surgery will be solely used for end of life care and gentle euthanasia. There will not be any need to face a crowded waiting room, or the stress of contending with a short window to see your pet for the final time.

This allows owners as much time as required both with Nicola or Jess our vets, and with your pet afterwards. The whole service is tailored around your specific requirements and requests.

Home visits

Dr Nicola Carrier or Dr Jessica Watson are able to come to your home to provide a compassionate, dignified and peaceful euthanasia. The home visit removes the stress of travelling to the vets, waiting in a crowded waiting room and your pet becoming distressed.  When Nicola or Jess comes to your home, it will not be rushed.  She will get to know your pet and yourselves.  After documentation has been completed, our vet will give your pet an injection of sedation.  This will mean they peacefully fall asleep and will not feel pain.  Once they are sedated, the final injection is given.

The home visit can take approximately 45 minutes to an hour.  You will then have time to spend with your beloved pet afterwards.


Grieving the loss of your pet, with feeling of emptiness, despair and loneliness can be overwhelming. It is important to remember that these are normal feelings, and that you do not ignore the pain and that you do open up about your feelings. You must ensure you continue to practice self-care and seek help if your grief is severe.

Blue cross run a free bereavement service for confidential support:

There are also pet loss forums where you can find support from other pet owners such as The Ralph Site www.theralphsite.com. You can also find further information on the pet loss journey which will help you to prepare on www.compassionunderstood.com.

Opening Hours

Our opening hours are

Our hours are from 8.30am – 5pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday 8.30am – 6pm


Please note we do not have hospital or emergency facilities.

If your pet requires an emergency home euthanasia out of hours please call 01233 226440 and one of our trusted colleagues will be able to assist you.  For all other emergencies please contact your veterinary practice that your pet is currently registered with.  They will be familiar with you and your pet and be able to provide the emergency treatment that is needed.