Creating a bucket list

Is your beloved dog starting to age?

Are you wanting to create a bucket list for you and your dog to enjoy before they pass away?


Start by writing down all of your pet’s favourite things to do: belly rubs, eating ice cream, swimming, sunbathing, riding in the car, playing with a ball, etc. Then, get creative! Think about all the things your pet has never done, but might enjoy doing—and that you’ll enjoy doing with them

Remember this bucket list is for them to enjoy with you, and that the activities should be appropriate for their ability/exercise levels. The purpose of a bucket list is to enrich your dog’s life and to create memories together that last.

Bucket list ideas:

  • Cook a gourmet meal (be careful you do not cause them to have a tummy ache!)
  • Visit a pet bakery for some dog treats
  • Have an ice cream together
  • Create a ball pit for your dog to lie/play in
  • Go to the park with your dogs best friends (2 and four legged) for a play date
  • Give your dog a wrapped toy/bone for them to unwrap if they like unwrapping gifts
  • Buy the squeakiest toy you can find and play with it all day!
  • Allow them to sleep on the bed for a night
  • Allow them to sit on the sofa for a day if this is not something they normally do
  • Take them to the beach for a dig in the sand or a paddle in the sea
  • Throw your dog a birthday party
  • Eat breakfast in bed
  • Bake/buy your dog a cake
  • Have a family photo shoot
  • Get pampered at a doggy spa
  • Spend a day of just being together for lots of cuddles

Once your pet’s bucket list is finished, it is time to start planning! You may be able to check off a few smaller items in one day, but other big items may take more time and planning. Remember, it should be a fun, stress-free experience for both your pet and you!

Please look out for signs that shows your pet may be experiencing stress or anxiety. Get a check up with your vet if your are concerned.

Document the memories

Make sure you take plenty of photos and videos to serve as a reminder of your fun together. Make sure you spend quality time with your pet, rather than spending too much time behind the camera. Try to limit the photos and videos you take to just a few, or have a friend or family member join and document the experience for you.

Treasure the Memories

The most important thing, other than having fun, is to treasure the memories you’ve made with your pet.